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You are the Eternal Universe

Welcome Message // Antonio Almeida, Ph.D

Whether or not you are aware, you have arrived here at this site for a reason. Although you are the only one who knows the specific reason as to what drew you here, rest assured there is at least one. You have chosen this site, thus we have crossed paths - this is for a very important reason. Every connection made serves a purpose, every event condition and circumstance has the potential to change your life. You have always both a choice and an opportunity rolled into one.

We search everywhere outside ourselves to try to find ourselves. We collect experiences, relationships, knowledge, and material possessions. We hope for recognition from others to validate our importance. But while we may have found pleasure or rewards in various ways, we have often overlooked our greatest gift, hidden in plain sight ... our passionate presence. We overlook this gift because we are so busy searching elsewhere for something more. As long as we depend on an enhanced sense of ourselves to be happy, we are likely to be disappointed. Telling ourselves stories about what is missing forces us into a relentless pursuit of desires, akin ... As my Metaphysics professor would say, "Two beasts of burden driven by a madman. Happiness comes in a relaxed simplicity, living in present awareness, and contentment with this life you have been given!"

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In an intimate, one-on-one setting, Antonio will meet with you for powerful, mind-blowing sessions that will change the way you look and feel, both about yourself and about the world around you.



People today have been brainwashed into thinking in limited terms as to their goals, potential, and desires. Antonio's book, "Building Spiritual Muscle" will help recondition you into being the kind of positive, confident person who is supremely capable of achieving all of their dreams.


Audio Books

Antonio Almeida's highly acclaimed audio books have proven successfully in empowering the lives of virtually everyone who has used them. For just $5, you can instantly download "Taking Charge Of Your Spiritual Life" in either English or Spanish.


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What would you like to see happening to our world and the human race and to your personal life, during your existence, in this life time?
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We are surrounded by much confusion. Hanging on to the old and afraid of the unknown. But if I tell you that you already know. Would you believe me?
The Thing Is Choice
Terror is felt in many different ways. The U.S. is no longer an innocent nation, isolated from the rest. Made to believe that we are right and all others are wrong.
The Wave Of Deception
At this time of the year, there is much more positive energy flowing throughout the globe. People all over the world are making decisions for positive change.
Now Is The Time

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